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As a school management, you can now successfully monitor, track the performance, and remain updated (in real-time) about the activities of your students and staff.

From attendance signing, class assessments and results, to behavioral patterns, you will get to see everything.

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What people are saying

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Janet Okparaku

Private School Owner

The system works magic. Ever since we started using Dozzia, management, security and scheduling has been on another level.


This technology is amazing! 🤩🙀

Smiling Man

Umoru Babalola

School Owner

Before Dozzia, we had been using a number of other technologies, all at the same time just to fix one problem. Dozzia came and made everything easier.

One technology, so many features, all our problems.

Amazing stuff.

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Haruna Ahmadu

School Principal

Dozzia has conveniently upgraded our school's security significantly. The Attendance system is extraordinarily accurate and dependable.


Absolutely Love it! 👏

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Halimat Sule

School Class Teacher

Since my school started using this system, managing my students became effortless. The features are thoughtful and efficient.

Very handy, this one! 💯

Female Entrepreneur

Rachel Gbadamosi

School Proprietor

The Dozzia team is amazing. 😍

The product is innovative and very much needed in the society. Best part? It is easy to integrate. Amazing Product.

Smiling Young Man

Uche Doyle

School Sports Teacher

Performances have shut up the roof since we started using Dozzia. Kids and their parents now have accurate data on what to work on specifically.

A helpful product indeed. 

Excellent management is just a click away


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